Tewin Bury Farm wedding | Katie & Michael


The wedding of Katie and Michael at Tewin Bury Farm.

It’s not often I stop half way through editing to start writing copy for my blog post, but on this occasion I made an exception as I wanted to try and share exactly what I was feeling whilst I was editing away. I get so much pleasure from photographing weddings and do so because I  literally love documenting such an important day. Capturing all those lovely moments gives me a feeling that’s pretty hard to describe and I’ve been known to punch the air or mumble “yes mate” when I’ve nailed a great shot.  But the excitement doesn’t stop there as the editing is where the wedding photos literally come to life and the story telling unfolds.

Katie and Michael are two of the loveliest people I’ve photographed and I’m delighted to have been part of their special day at Tewin Bury Farm. I found my self doing a lot of smiling during the edit of this wedding so you can imagine I was pretty excited to get it up on the blog.




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