Documentary Wedding Photographer Essex


Pre Wedding Couples Shoot Photographer in Essex

Pre Wedding Couples Shoot Photographer in Essex.

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer in Essex is capturing some amazing smiles during a pre wedding couples shoot. Sometimes I’ll get a couple that feel a tad nervous about being photographed and take a little bit of time to warm to the idea of being photographed before sharing those natural smiles. And sometimes I get those couples like Janene and Steve that are all smiles and laughter from the get go. It’s brilliant!

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Alexandra & Darren | Mulberry House Wedding


Mulberry House Wedding

You’ve got to love those summer weddings, when the beautiful last light wraps itself so gorgeously around a pair of newly weds as they hug the afternoon away. Alexandra and Darren’s Mulberry House Wedding was really something special. The grounds at this venue are superb and the venue has been subtly converted into a hotel. The building offers a combination of traditional Georgian architecture with modern 21st-century touch. Along with careful tree planting, the grounds make an ideal backdrop for a Wedding day. Some of the original trees are over 150 years old, don’t you know.
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