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Wedding Photographer Chelmsford

Anna and Bill’s Pre Wedding shoot at the lovely gardens of Hylands House. One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Essex and a great spot if you’re a wedding photographer in Chelmsford.

Anna and Bill get married tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow. Woohoo how exciting. Now many people associate Hylands with the big old music festival that is V-Festival and quite rightly so. I feel a little old saying this, but 10 years ago when I was singing my lungs out to some of my favourite bands, soaked in beer I might add, I wasn’t even aware that such a gem was hidden across field. Fast forward to 2017 and though my festival days are over Hylands reminds a pretty special place to me, so heading over to photograph Anna and Bill’s pre wedding shoot was pretty exciting.

There’s so many details I love about this place. The gardens boast so many intricate details with so much care and consideration gone into the landscape. Even though the gardens are open to the public, it’s clear that people care about the space. It’s beautifully maintained and highly respected by it’s visitors. Anna and Bill decided to have their pre wedding shoot at Hylands Park, which is where they are also celebrating their wedding day. It’s the first time I’ve shot both pre and wedding day at the same location, but I think it worked out brilliantly.

I’m certain their wedding day is going to be absolutely awesome.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my Pre wedding Photoshoot at Hylands House. If you’d like any further information on booking a wedding photographer Chelmsford, please click here to get in touch.

Wedding Photographer Chelmsford

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