Pre Wedding Photoshoot | Whitstable Beach Kent


Literally can’t get over this amazing location for my pre wedding photoshoot at Whitstable Beach in Kent.

After an hours journey into Kent I arrived at Whitstable Beach and found myself immediately consumed in just how lovely the location was. I had a spare 45 minutes to roam around and really take it all in before before meeting with Cia and Gareth and if I recall correctly they spotted me from a mile away, hood up, hands in pockets, camera around my neck starring out into the ocean just taking it all in – as well as trying not to freeze! It was a really cold afternoon, but the weather was just right for what I had in mind when I suggested a beach location for their pre wedding shoot. We were lucky enough to have spurts of beaming sun as well as thick, moody clouds to give us some great landscape shots. Best of all we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!

I can’t thank Cia and Gareth enough for inviting me to such a beautiful location as I’d never visited Whitstable Beach before. Really excited to be photographing their wedding in the summer.



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