Gosfield Hall Wedding | Laura & Terry


The wedding of Laura and Terry at the award winning Gosfield Hall.

I must admit I become pretty emotionally attached to every wedding I shoot and it’s what I love about wedding photography. However having known Laura and Terry for quite a few years now, I found documenting their wedding meant a whole lot more to me than I initially anticipated. Not only was I working through the day as the official photographer, but also kindly welcomed as a guest alongside many of our mutual friends to enjoy the evening, so I felt privileged to have been part of it all.

One thing’s for sure, it’s not very often a wedding booking fabricates after what I recall an informal conversation/consultation over beers at a party! But fortunately, on this occasion it did and I was lucky enough to be there from start to finish documenting it all – including “Garage hour”.

A huge congratulations once again.




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Makeup & Hair:


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