Barnyard Upchurch | Wedding of Cia and Gareth


The wedding of Cia and Gareth at Barnyard Upchurch was a real treat this summer – marque set beside an orchard with the most wonderful views of the Kent countryside.

I met Cia and Gareth for the first time about a year before their wedding day and I remember thinking two things: “wow these guys are organised” and “wow these guys are so nice”.  We had a little walk around the grounds and I couldn’t really hide how much I wanted to be part of their wedding day with fits of  “oh my, this is ace” and “seriously, an orchard, this is like a photographers dream”.

Following our first meet, we took a trip down to Whitstable for our pre-wedding shoot, which remains one of my favourites so far – regardless of how cold it was. Absolute pleasure photographing this wedding and even though I burnt about 1000 calories running back and forth from the church to Cia and Gareth’s home during bridal prep, I have nothing but happy memories about their great day.




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